Ağrı Mountain (Mount Ararat) Photo Tours



 According to the legend; In the time of Noah, who believed in only one God, people strayed from the right path

and rebelled against God. God decides to punish them. The Prophet tells Noah to build an ark. After the construction

of the ark was completed, Prophet Noah took a male-female couple from all living things on earth to his ark. Loads

up enough food. He embarks on the ship, taking his family and some of his faithful relatives with him.


The people who had suffered God's wrath perished, only those on the ship survived. Noah's ark floated in the

waters for a hundred and fifty days and stopped. Again, by a divine order, the waters began to recede. The ship

sat on Cudi Hill of Ararat Mountains. Prophet Noah opened the window and released a pigeon. The pigeon turned back,

unable to find a place to sit. Seven days later, he released the pigeon again. This time the pigeon returned to the ship

with an olive branch in its mouth. The waters had receded. Noah got out of his ship and established a village at the foot

of the Ararat Mountains. Humans reproduced with living things. Would you like to listen to this world-renowned legend,

which is also mentioned in the Gilgamesh Epics of the Sumerians? We invite you to see the traces of Noah's ark.


You may also want to photograph the world's 2nd largest meteor pit on this trip. All part of an adventurous story.
Combining images of churches, castles, mosques and tombs with portraits of locals is another part of the tour.

The hospitable locals of Ağrı await us with their historical, architectural photographs, nature photographs and legends.



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