Mardin Midyat Photo Tours



It is said that the ancient city of Dara in Mardin was named after the Persian King Darius,

who lost the war with Alexander the Great. We will photograph multi-storey tomb structures,

churches and bridges. Since Mardin is built on the skirts of Mazı Mountain, it appears to be stacked

on top of each other. While walking through its narrow streets, we will see historical mosques, madrasas,

monasteries and churches. We will also have the chance to photograph handicrafts such as wood carving,

silver carving, copper making, pottery, clog making, soap making as they come out of the hands of their masters.

While admiring the cultural richness of the city in historical bazaars and museums, you will not want to leave

its flavors behind. Reserve your place now for this tour where you can witness a cultural feast about the lives

of Doms, Jews, Furs, Armenians, Assyrians, Yazidis, Şemsi, Arabs and Turks.

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