Konya Mevlâna Nasreddin Hodja Photo Tours



Konya is the largest city in Turkey in terms of surface area. The historical Bedesten Bazaar bears the footprints of sultans, sages and dervishes.

Food, weaving, wood shops, coppersmiths continue to keep the city's culture alive.


In the city, where there are 7 Mevlevihanes, you can see different sights of people seeking their essence and worshiping. Hearing the invitation of Mevlana, who says come whatever you are, people flock to Konya from all over the world.

We will organize the best of local delicacies for you in Konya, which is also one of the richest gastronomic cities of Anatolia.

Nasreddin Hodja from Akşehir, who has been the subject of many stories with his wit and sense of humor by pretending to be an idiot, will also spice up our trip.


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