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Ancient Greek Mesopotamia: the region between two rivers, Syriac Beyt Nahrin: is called the land of rivers. It is the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Mesopotamia today consists of Iraq, northeast Syria, Southeast Anatolian Region and southwest Iran. Most of it is the region within the borders of present day Iraq .

 Mesopotamia is said to be the cradle of civilizations. Due to its fertile lands and climatic conditions, it has been the scene of settlement since ancient times and many civilizations have developed. Mesopotamia is the place where the oldest and great civilizations such as Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, Akkad and Elam were born and developed.



Şanlıurfa, which has made its name known to the world with Karahantepe after Göbeklitepe, hosts hundreds of thousands of guests every season.

Göbeklitepe, which houses the oldest cult structures in history, is called the zero point of history.

Göbeklitepe, where cult structures thought to be 11 thousand years old, were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018.



Şanlıurfa, which hosts many religions and cultures, is the attraction point of photographers with its different human profiles and architectural structures. Another beautiful aspect of multiculturalism is literary richness, of course, it is necessary to listen to the legends that have been told for centuries.

Harran Houses, in which rose oil, straw, terracotta and egg whites are used in the mortar, keep cool in summers and warm in winters thanks to their architectural structure and materials, and are in the form of a cupola that narrows from bottom to top.

You should also know that this tour is on a gastronomic route, which you can't get enough of.




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