Niğde Aladağlar (Bolkarlar) Photo Tour


Niğde is a city where we can photograph historical architectural works. We will photograph religious buildings and ancient ruins.

We will meet the local people and taste their local delicacies in Aladağlar and Bolkarlar.

We will visit Kapuzbaşı waterfalls, Yedigöller, Hacer forest in the right light at the right time.

Of course, we will photograph one of the most peaceful landscapes in the world in Karagöl.

 Crater lakes in the Bolkar Mountains, Aladağlar with 37 peaks over 3,000 meters, "silent frogs" protected by the Bern Convention,

Demirkazık, the address of mountaineers, and Niğde with its "Smiling Virgin Mary" fresco, which is known

to be the only example in Anatolia, are waiting for us.

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