Gaziantep City Photography Tours


Turkey with its cuisine. Gaziantep, which is an incomparable location for food photography workshops

and Undoubtedly, Gaziantep is one of the richest cities in photography tours, has many dishes on the

UNESCO list. It offers a visual feast in its fields during the harvest season.

The historical Coppersmiths' Bazaar is blended with the copper sounds of the coppersmith masters

and the dice sounds of the tradesmen playing backgammon on the street. While photographing the copper

masters, you will be amazed by their art.

The richness of culture and art in the city, which is home to dozens of historical inns due to its location on

the historical silk road, surprises visitors.

Another visual feast, the Almacılar Bazaar offers a rich and colorful spice feast.

Gaziantep, with its historical Antep houses and ancient cities, is a frequent destination for architectural photography lovers.

The masters who continue their crafts of Jewellery, Rugmaking, Silvermaking and Soapmaking welcome us in their workshops.

We will experience an unforgettable photography tour by photographing colorful human portraits at historical cafes.

Zeugma is one of the most important visiting points of the city. The fact that Zeugma, one of the largest mosaic

museums in the world, contains examples of Late Antique churches, Early Syriac and

Christian iconography makes the museum even more attractive.


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