Sivas Malatya Erzincan Elazığ Photo Tours


Sivas is an architectural photographic paradise with its mosques, madrasas and tombs.

In addition to its architectural features, Divriği Ulu Mosque is on the UNESCO World Heritage

List with its rich examples of Anatolian traditional stonework.



As you listen to the meanings and stories of each embroidery in Divriği Great Mosque,

where the stone is embroidered like lace, you will enter the world of stone masters and admire

this marvel of architecture and engineering. This baroque architectural style in Divriği Ulu Mosque

and Hospital is unique in Turkish and Islamic Art.



Of course, we will also take a route through old mansions and unique lakes.

When Malatya is mentioned, although wonderful food comes to mind, Malatya is far beyond this with

its natural beauties, mansions and museums. We will add color to your photo archive with apricot

drying photos, waterfall photos, architectural photography and portraits.

Erzincan is another city in Turkey where you will witness interesting geographical scenes.

As we travel from past to present with waterfalls, lakes, churches and tombs,

we will be grateful to mother nature once again.

The last city on our itinerary in Elazig. Many photo spots, from the hot spring to the ski center,

from the cave to the view of the Caspian Lake, are waiting for us on this tour.



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