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Ancient Antioch and Hatay; one city many lives. Another city where civilizations and cultures melt into each other.

St. Pierre Church is 13 meters deep and 7 meters high. Used as a meeting place by the first Christians Especially

the floor mosaics of the St. Pierre Church are worth seeing. The Mosaic Museum is the second richest mosaic

museum in the world in terms of the number, size and quality of the mosaics it exhibits.


 Beşikli Cave is located in Samandağ and is actually a Roman cemetery. There are 12 tombs carved inside the

cemetery and it is among the places that tourists are most curious about. Although there is no definite information

about who the tombs belong to, it is thought to belong to the Roman rulers.

Besides the historical places and natural beauties of Hatay, its local dishes are also very famous.

The place where the spices used in the dishes are bought is Uzun Çarşı.


There are spice shops, herbalists and handcrafted souvenirs lined up in Hatay Uzun Çarşı.

The long bazaar with its jewelers is like the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. It attracts great attention

by local and foreign tourists as well as those who buy food supplies during the day and stop by for gold.

The Asi River is just one of the other places to see. Contact our guest experience agents to be in

the right place at the right time.

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