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Mount Nemrut is the best place to watch the sunrise and sunset in Turkey.

Nemrut's face does not smile, it means hurtful. According to rumors, it takes its name from Nemrut,

who threw the Prophet Abraham into fire. Mount Nemrut is located in Adıyaman, in the South East

Anatolia region of Turkey. The mountain is home to huge and mystical archaeological remains belonging

to a civilization known as Commagene in ancient times.


On the east and west sides, Antiochos and the Commagene Goddess Fortuna, Zeus; with statues of the sun,

Apollo and Heracles. Mitra, Helios, Hermes, Oramasdes and Ares are among the statues found there.

While listening to the stories of the statues, you will almost astral travel to the ancient world. A horoscope with

a lion is located on the western side of the ruins. Above the lion are 3 stars consisting of 16 rays and these are

thought to represent the planets Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. It is the oldest known horoscope in history.

The mountain, which is 2150 m high, explains the interest in the sky and astrology.

The ancient city was recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1987.

Eskikale, Yenikale, Karakuş Tepe and Cendere Bridge are cultural assets in the region.

How would you like to see Mount Nemrut? Taking astro pictures at night under a starburst? Capturing the magic of the sun at sunrise or sunset?

It should be said that the Southeastern Anatolia Region has a gastronomic route besides its fascinating history.

While you're here, you can't do without eating çiğ köfte, içli köfte, Buhara rice, Adıyaman tava, and Yarpuz meatballs.

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