Ephesus- Hierapolis (Efes –Pamukkale) Photo Tours


There are some cities that shape history. Ephesus is one of them. Historians say that the intense

cultural diversity reveals a cosmopolitan concept of citizenship in this city.

Ephesus was one of the most important metropolises of the world for centuries. Even the ruins of Ephesus,

the political, economic and cultural capital, are enough to fascinate.

Findings proving that the region has been inhabited since 6000 BC, explain the importance of the city.

It is thought that the organized settlement in the city began in the Bronze Age.

One of the things that has not changed in the city for centuries is the cult of the mother goddess.

The cult of the mother goddess, also known as Cybele in Anatolia, was named Artemis in Ephesus.

Artemis of Ephesus is a guiding, hunter, invincible, savior, forgiving goddess who gives fertility to the soil.

The temple dedicated to Artemis is one of the most favorite structures of Ancient Greece. Those who asked why

Artemis did not intervene for the city that was burned by a madman in 356 BC, years later, the Ephesians said that

Artemis was in Macedonia for the birth of a great leader that night.

The building, which was built larger and more magnificent years after it was burned, was visited by Alexander

the Great and offerings were made to the goddess.

The other stop of the tour is the Ancient City of Hierapolish (Pamukkale). This city is one of the rare cities

with a double heritage title in the UNESCO World list. Pamukkale travertines natural heritage This city,

which is considered as the cultural heritage of Hiarapolish, gives the feeling of a fairy tale at sunrise and sunset.

According to a rumor, Hiarapolish literally means holy city. People have been flocking to Hierapolish for

centuries to benefit from the healing thermal waters of this city.

The cave called Plutonium in the region was thought to be a gateway to the underground world of the ancient world.

Fascinating with their history and nature, these two great ancient cities of the Aegean Region allow us to photograph a mythological world.


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