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Cilo Mountain is the second highest mountain in Turkey.

It is a tectonic glacier whose summit is covered with snow and ice that does not melt for four seasons.

Four seasons are experienced together in the circus lakes located among the high peaks.

The plateaus in the region, which are frequented by shepherds, attract the attention of portrait and landscape photographers.



There is also the legend of Mount Cilo that has been told for 700 years.
“Momin is the young daughter of a nomadic family. Like every year, he comes to Terazin Plateau with his family during the plateau time.

Momin lives with her 3 brother, aunt and mother. Aunt is very jealous of her hardworking and being cherished by her brothers.

Momin goes to milk sheep every day with nomadic beryvans who lives in their tents in the plateau, adopts a newborn lamb

whose mother died at birth. Momin, who is very affected by the lamb's motherlessness, does not leave the lamb for a moment.


According to the story, milk comes to Momin's breast in a divine way and Momin starts suckling the motherless lamb. One day,

her aunt sees traces of milk on Momin's dress. Her aunt saves the dress to use against Momin at the appropriate time. On a day

when Momin hugs her lamb and goes to milk sheep with beryvans, her brothers and mother watch Momin with admiration and

praise her hard work. Again, her aunt, who is in fits of jealousy, takes the opportunity out of the situation and takes off the dress

she hid and shows it to Momin's family, saying that Momin is the shepherd's lover and has a relationship with him. It also shows

traces of milk on the dress as evidence. Family members and nomadic elders, who interpret this situation that Momın had

intercourse with the shepherd and became pregnant and miscarried, gathered. One of Momin's 3 older brothers wants to

marry her off to the shepherd, while the other 2 older brothers decide to kill Momin and Momin is killed by her older brother the next day.

While Momin's dead body is on the ground, a flock of sheep comes to the plateau. Momin's lamb starts looking for her.



Finding the lifeless body lying on the ground, the lamb tries to suck milk from Momin's breast. His brothers and elders of the nomads,

who encounter such a thing for the first time, are astounded. The older brother who killed Momin regrets and everyone believes that

Momin nursed the lamb and that the milk was given to Momin's breast by a divine power. For this reason, he is buried where Mom was killed.

According to a rumor, the lamb that died later was buried next to Momin.
Our next stop after the cyclone is Mount Munzur, which is 5 million years old. You will be satisfied with the scenery on the mountain,

which has glacial lakes, oak forests, various wild animals, countless plant and flower species, streams, streams, plateaus, and trout lakes.
You will feel warm while photographing waterfalls, valleys, weeping rocks, high mountains and portraits of people.

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