Salt Lake Photo Tours

Cappadocia Salt Lake Photo Tours


Tuz Gölü ( Salt Lake) is one of the richest lakes in Turkey with the diversity of the wild birds.



Flamingo, apocalypse, stubble and similar birds that have adapted to salty environments, plovers, cranes, wild

geese and wild ducks live as large groups in the lake. Salt Lake is the most important hatching area for flamingos

in our country, and there are giant brood colonies in the middle of the lake, each of which consists of 5-6 thousand nests.




Most of Turkey's salt need is supplied from this lake. Due to its high salt concentration, salt looks like a mirror

reflecting the sky. Anyone interested in bird, fashion, landscape, abstract photography, has a story to tell in this lake.

You can be in dream like photo frames with models, ballerinas and carats, or you can fit them into your frame.

A period of the year? Since the pinking lake is in the center of Anatolia, it receives visitors from all over in 4 seasons.


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