Wild and Yilki Horses Photo Tours





Would you like to get caught of the wind of wild horses, one of the oldest inhabitants of Anatolia? Wild Yilki horses,

were caught by the locals in old times when spring come in order to use them for their work, and released back into

nature when winter come due to feeding difficulties. They have not been caught by the local people for many years with

the development of technology. Are you ready to listen to the story of the villagers who took them under protection so that

they could survive in nature? This kind of trips contribute to

keeping them alive. Those yilki horses, which do not give in to captivity, make a show for their audience on the

slopes of Erciyes, in a dusty atmosphere.


You will be surprised by the breakfast variety of the villages while we are wondering around the villages.

If you're lucky, you can photograph nearby flocks of the water buffalos while crossing the river. Click to read

our article about the herds of water buffalos photography tour. On this tour, photographers practise to capture

moving compositions in photography.


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