Sarıkeçili Nomads Photo Tours


Turkey's last nomads. We will visit the Sarıkeçili nomads, who migrated on camels,

in nature, while they migrate to places where they can feed their animals.



We will chat with the nomads while photographing their lives where minimal life is intertwined

with nature. The lives of the nomads who bravely adapt to the geographical conditions are the subject of a documentary.

The people of Sarıkeçili, who make tents that keep them warm in winter and cool in summer, say that they cannot stop

living in nature. While photographing the hot smoke coming out of the tents of the nomads making bread, the smell of bread

will whet your appetite. A story that goes wherever the herds of goats and camels will be fed...

Make a reservation now to meet the people of Sarıkeçili, the last nomads whose numbers are decreasing day by day.

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