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The Lycian way starts from Fethiye and continues until Antalya Beldibi. It is one of the top 10 hiking trails in the world.

It is known that Lycia was a Roman city in AD 43, and it is thought to consist of 69 roads and 53 cities.

Here is a list of some cities on the track.

·  Ovacık

·  Faralya

·  Kabak

·  Alınca

·  Bel

·  Gavurdağı

·  Xanthos

·  Kınık

·  Akbel

·  Patara

·  Kalkan

·  Sarıbelen

·  Gökçeören

·  Çukurbağ

·  Kaş

·  Liman Ağızı

·  Boğazıcık

·  Üçağız

·  Çayağız

·  Myra

·  Finike

·  Karaöz

·  Adrasan

·  Çıralı

·  Tekirova

·  Roman Bridge

·  Göynük Yayla

·  Göynük

·  Hisarçandır

·  Çitdibi

·  Geyikbayırı

We will see the most suitable ones for the season in our photography tour from this route, and we meet with nature among the ruins of Roman history. In this trip, where we can be intertwined with local and touristic life, we will photograph portraits of people, extraordinary landscapes, and important works of Roman architecture.


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