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Cappadocia is a natural wonder that formed by the erupted lavas of Mount Erciyes, Hasan and Göllük,

as well as rains and rivers for 60 million years. You must first know the area and feel the unique atmosphere

before capturing nice shots.



The name Cappadocia is in Persian language means "The land of Beautiful Horses" as Persians called this region.

The region is known for the largest living herd of wild horses. Please click here to read our article about

YILKI horses photography tour. Cappadocia has hosted many great civilisations and religions for thousands of years.

After The Hittites, Persians, Medes, Cappadocia Kingdom, Romans and Byzantine Empire, the region was home for

Seljuk Turks and Ottoman Empire throughout the history.


It will be very true to describe the region as the melting pot of the ancient civilisations. Cappadocia has also great

importance for Christianity. Here was a perfect place for early Christians to hide from Roman Empire.

They carved their dwellings and churches under the ground, or in the rocks, with ease as the soil is

formed by soft tuff. It will be fascinating for you to see those frescoes and icons pictured on the ceilings and

walls of the carved churches. The region also hosted many saints in the history of Christianity.



One of the beauties of the region is the Fairy Chimneys, formed by the nature. You should see those unique

structures while air balloons are flying over you. You will also have chance to photograph the handicraft

workshops belonging to the culture of the area for many centuries. What do you think of a once in a life experience? Not to be missed...



What is Cappadocia Photography Tour?

It’s a guided trip which prepeared for photographers or visitors who wants to have photos in there. You can have great photos while you discover historical and natural beauties in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia place includes Kayseri, Aksaray and Nevşehir. Fairy chimneys, valleys, beautiful horse’s and traditional are biggest part of subjects in photography in Cappadocia.

Why  you should join Cappadocia photography tour?

Cappadocia is home to one of the most interesting geographical structers in the World. Local animals, floras, natural beauties and history of Cappadocia mesmerizes the audience. You can feel the mesmerizes the audience.

You can feel the Cappadocia spirit with guides and photographers who know there very well.


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